Skilled and unskilled  Employment opportunities IRAQ 

Urgent requirement for IRAQ

CV Selection
Supervisor 1500 USD.

Foreman 1400 USD.

Safety Officer 1500 USD.


Crane Operator 1300 USD.

JCB Operator 1300 USD.

Forklift Operator 1300 USD.

Fabricator 1200 USD.

Fitter 1100 USD.

Welder 1200 USD.

Electeician 1200 USD.

Plumber 1200 USD.

Time Keeper 1200 USD.

Store Keeper 1200 USD.

Driver 1200 USD.

Mason 1000 USD.

Carpenter 1000 USD.

Wall Painter 1000 USD.

RCC 1000 USD.

Gardener 1000 USD.

Office Boy 1000 USD.

Arun Samynathan



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